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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What goes into making a skating boot?

Ever wondered how a skating boot is made? What goes into it? What are the considerations behind the design? And a little bit about Riedell's history?

All this in an interesting article on the Winona Daily News (online):
If the skate fits: Skates made in Red Wing enjoy homecoming at U.S. championships

Some interesting points...
Each layer adds weight to a boot, and while there’s a tipping point, skaters in fact want their skates to weigh a certain amount. And we mean certain in the most literal sense: Skaters want their skates to be 4.5 to 5.5 percent of their body weight, because centrifugal forces help them spin in the air.
And we thought the lighter the better?

Riedell’s top custom boot is $680 — and that’s just the price of the boot. A top-level blade can cost again as much and is attached to the boot later by a blade specialist working with the skater.
That's USD$680 - and given the rate at which top figure skaters have to change boots, it all adds up!

Kurt Browning and three-time U.S. Champion Johnny Weir. Dan Riegelman, the company’s vice president, said he expects more than 30 skaters to perform in Riedell skates during this week’s U.S. championships in St. Paul.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Singapore and Moscow in race to host 2010 Youth Olympic Games

The finalists in the race to host the inaugural Summer Youth Olympic Games 2010 has been narrowed down to two: Singapore and Moscow

The two cities are shortlisted from the previous shortlist of 5 cities: Athens (Greece), Bangkok (Thailand), Moscow (Russia), Singapore and Turin (Italy). The winning city will be announced by IOC President Jacques Rogge in a live web cast on provisionally scheduled for 21 February.

Show your support for Singapore's bid - you can voice your support, add badges to your website, get a decal for your car, share relevant photos, or even get a ringtone for your phone! Visit the Official Website to get more information on how to Support the Bid!

News and links:
- Official Website
- Youth Olympic Games 2010: Moscow and Singapore finalists (from Olympic site)
- Youth Olympics host: It's S'pore vs Moscow in final showdown (from Straits Times)
- Bid Profile and Fact Sheet - 2010 Youth Summer Olympic Bids (from

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Year, New Expectations...

It has been more than 2 months since I last got on the ice, AND uh... a month since I last posted *blush*.

With the impending arrival of my new "ice princess to be", I have been busy trying to get everything ready. Somehow skating has faded into the background somewhat... Still, I try to keep in touch!

It is encouraging to see that the Nationals has received greater response this year. However, I was a little disappointed that participation in Adult category has shrunk. Wonder what the other skaters are up to (and no, I'm very certain they're not pregnant like me!).

Lately I have also received distress call from a student who was unable to schedule her next set of lessons with the new coach I had passed her on to. Why? Seems like the rink "lost" her form requesting for lessons, and gave up her time to someone else! AND, they were unable to find any lesson time for her with any other coach! *sigh*

Meanwhile, I have started as the Riedell dealer in Singapore. I use Riedell boots, and have only been using Riedell boots. They have never given me any problems! Lately, I have received numerous hits on this blog coming from searches for "where to get ice skates in Singapore". Hence I made the decision to bring in Riedell skates for skaters here - and other resources too, in time...

Once I have a website set up, be sure I will post it here. Right now, I can be reached by email at chowskates at gmail dot com.