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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Figure Fencing -- changing the rules of the game

Proposed by Isstvan:
As you are well aware, the Winter Olympics never have as high a viewership as the summer games, partly because the sports are things that nobody cares about. The standard response seem to be combining different sports…biathalon, etc.

So, I present…Figure Fencing, a combination of figure skating and fencing. Instead of the fencers being confined to a narrow strip, they can use the entire rink. And while a touch from a simple lunge would still be worth one point, you can increase the value by getting a touch as you come out of an axel, salchow, or camel.

Source: Mental Floss

Monday, July 20, 2009

"What Would Brian Boitano Make?"

Going from the ice to the oven, Brian Boitano is showing that he has culinary flair too! "What would Brian Boitano Make" is a new TV show scheduled to premier on August 23, 2009.

About the Show:
Everyone knows Olympic figure skater Brian Boitano is a champion on the ice, but he also gives a gold medal performance in the kitchen! In the new daytime series, What Would Brian Boitano Make?, Brian demonstrates his culinary skills and passion for one-of-a-kind entertaining. In every unpredictable episode, Brian hosts get-togethers at his San Francisco home. With a humorous and knowledgeable approach to cooking, Brian puts his unique spin on irresistible dishes like Chicken Paella Burgers, Pear and Almond Crostata, Crab and Avocado Crostini, and Bourbon Bacon Apple Tarts.

More information on Food Network

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Busted - Nicole Bobek charged with drug distribution

Figure skater Nicole Bobek was arrested for allegedly being part of a drug ring that specialized in the distribution of methamphetamine.

This isn't the first time that figure skater Nicole Bobek has been in trouble with the law, and she actually participated in the 1995 U.S. figure skating tournament while under a 2-year probation for a felony charge. Now some 14 years later, at the age of 31 years of age, Nicole Bobek is again finding herself in hot water for the alleged charge of drug distribution. The courts may not be as lenient this time around, as the charges she is facing carry with them a maximum sentence of up to 10 years if she is convicted.
~ taken from Figure Skater Nicole Bobek Arrested for Alleged Drug Ring

In "Bobek, once a skating star, allegedly key player in drug ring", Philip Hersh wrote:
The first I heard of her was in 1990, when Bobek, at age 12, stood the skating world on its head while winning the U.S. Olympic Festival. She attracted so much general attention George Steinbrenner began paying some of her training expenses.
Now she needs somebody to post a $200,000 bond.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Back pain management

Some years ago, I was dealing with lower back pain, and an X-ray showed that I had an "old fracture" in the spine. However that did not stop me from skating, and the problem seems to be under control right now. Today, I came across an article that bed rest is no longer the best option for back pain...

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons for consulting a physician. Despite little supporting scientific evidence, bed rest was considered the primary treatment for low back pain from the late 19th century. What has changed now is how back pain is understood and managed.
Given the extensive research done in recent years on back pain and rest, there is rising evidence to point towards avoidance of bed rest for the management of back pain. Advice on early, progressive activity, with no more than 2 days of bed rest, will serve as the current approach to the management of back pain.

~ Extracted from Bed Rest No Longer the Best Option for Back Pain by Cindy Tan

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Michelle Kwan - comeback?

For the first time in three years, Michelle Kwan will be skating before an audience again in August. She will join Kim Yu-Na in the ice show, "Ice All Stars 2009", on 14-16 August at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium in Seoul, Korea.

Kwan to join Yu-Na in local ice show ~ Korea Times

Kwan to go on ice tour ~ ESPN

Michelle Kwan will skate in Seoul ice show, skating before audience for 1st time in 3 years ~Fox4

Kwan to skate in show... for fun or a comeback? ~ LA Times

Friday, July 03, 2009

WIN tickets to Cinderella On Ice!!

Singapore Ice Skating Association is having a Cinderella On Ice Contest - submit your entry for a chance to win a pair of tickets. Contest ends 31 July 2009.

MasterCard holders who use their MasterCard this July to purchase SISTIC tickets have a chance to win a pair of tickets to Cinderella On Ice. There are 25 pairs of tickets to be won!

Members of All Stars Figure Skating Club, Henry Park Primary School’s Ice Skating Club and Tropical Blades Ice Skating Club can also participate in the InterClub Quiz to win one of the 6 pairs of tickets up for grabs.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cinderella On Ice - by Imperial Ice Stars

The Imperial Ice Stars will be at the Esplanade in Singapore from 28 August to 6 September 2009. Tickets are on sale at SISTIC.
The world-famous Imperial Ice Stars, who wowed Singapore audiences and won international critical acclaim with their innovative portrayals of The Sleeping Beauty on Ice and Swan Lake on Ice, are set to thrill once more with a stunning new interpretation of Cinderella on Ice.

In a novel twist on the classic tale, The Imperial Ice Stars tell the story of Cinderella, a humble chorus dancer who is thrust into the spotlight as a prima ballerina and captivates the Lord Mayor’s handsome son – the most eligible bachelor in town – with her graceful performance.

This sophisticated production boasts lavish sets, opulent costumes, spectacular lighting and stunning special effects including flying, projection, fire and rain.
The 25-strong cast of World, European and National Championship skaters will dazzle and enthrall you with their daring and skilful feats in a breathtaking display of world-class skating, performed in the intimacy of a frozen theatre stage.

Brought to you by the producers of the sell-out seasons of The Phantom of the Opera and Cats, Cinderella on Ice is a truly spectacular and unique theatrical extravaganza not to be missed, and a show for all ages.
~ Quoted from the Esplanade events page