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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good luck for Nationals!

The Singapore National figure skating competition will be held this weekend.

To all competitors,

Good luck, and
skate your heart out!

Last year, I had put up twelve competition tips in my blog. The full posts for all of them can be found at

I list them again here for your reference:

#1 Confidence - be confident in your ability

#2 Familiarity - be intimately familiar with your program

#3 Focus - focus on yourself & your training

#4 Warm-up - have in place a warm-up routine

#5 Responsibility - take on your role as an athlete and take care of yourself physically and mentally

#6 Visualize - visualize your performance

#7 Positivity - adopt a positive attitude

#8 Adversity - be prepared for adversity

#9 Process - focus on the process and execution

#10 Mental preparation - prepare yourself mentally

#11 Rest - allow yourself enough rest

#12 Good luck and skate well!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Back On Ice ~ Practice 11 Mar

Another practice... this time I worked on the Lutz.

The first few were "flutzed" but I realised I have to take off quicker!