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Monday, March 17, 2008

Youth Olympic Games: Singapore 2010

The news is out:
Singapore to host the 1st Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2010 (from

Of course this is old news... Waaaaay old - I am almost one month behind!! BUT for good reason - as the rest of Singapore was celebrating the winning bid, I was celebrating the birth of my little girl!

So, what lies ahead for Singapore?

The new Warren campus that the National University of Singapore (NUS) is building will become the Youth Olympic Village. Details are proposed in Theme 9, "Youth Olympic Village". Suddenly this project has taken on additional significance, and I'm sure construction will be expedited!

There are also other projects targeted, for example Marina Bay Sands will be the Media Centre, and of course some new sports venues will be built. We will see much construction over the next few years!

Also, on the official website, the organising committee is being formed, and once it is in place, it will be recruiting volunteers, full-time staff and engaging business partners. At the moment, though, there is a place to register interest - if you're interested, that is!

Singapore 2010 Official website