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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Types of Jumps

Jumps are characterised by the take off edge (FO/FI/BO/BI), whether there is a toe assist and its rotational direction relative to the edge. In general, backward take off is more common. Indeed, the Axel is the only jump that takes off forwards.

Hence, we can tabulate the known jumps as follows:
Take-off edge  Toe assist  Rotation   Jump
BO Yes same dir toe loop
BO Yes counter Lutz
BO No same dir Loop
BO No counter toeless Lutz
BI Yes same dir flip
BI Yes counter toe Walley
BI No same dir Salchow
BI No counter Walley
FO No same dir Axel
FI No same dir Inside Axel

Why is there no other jump taking off forwards?
Perhaps it is harder to get the rotation.
Perhaps since all jumps land backwards, a forward take off requires 1-1/2 revolutions in the air, making it "harder".
Perhaps it is impossible to use a toe assist (seriously, how would you do that going forwards?).
Perhaps it is just physically impossible?

BUT maybe one day someone will come up with a new jump, taking off from a FO outside edge with counter rotation... perhaps somehow use a toe assist... Now that would be interesting to see!


Anonymous said...

Well... the reason why toe assisted jumps are possible going backwards is because the feet are pointing the same direction. I can't imagine pigeon-toeing a forward jump.

But if the blades are designed that we have heel picks, and the condition for assisted jumps being feet kept in the same direction, maybe 'heel'ing the jump could help.

Then we would get heel asisted jumps. Backwards assisted by the toe pick, and Forwards assisted by the heel pick.

Chow said...

Heel-assist? That's an interesting thought... But if it really is possible, we should theoretically be able to experiment with current skates!