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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Where are the skates?

Ever heard of skaters having to cancel lessons because they are waiting to buy new skates??

Two students have outgrown their boots, and ordered new skates three months ago from the pro-shop here at the rink.
Guess what?
They are still waiting for the skates to come in!!

By now, their boots are really too small, and it is just not possible to continue skating in them. So, they have already cancelled two lessons, and will have to cancel the next two weeks as well!!

Earlier this year, another skater had wanted to buy boots from the same pro-shop. After 2 months, she gave up waiting, ordered new boots online, and received her boots in less than 3 weeks. I have a strange feeling that if she had waited, she'd still be waiting now!!

I've never ordered my own boots from this particular shop - after all, I do not wear Risports, and I have been happy with Riedell. I have always received my boots within 2 weeks of confirming the order, so I really cannot imagine how a 6-month delay can occur! And meanwhile the skaters can't skate, coaches lose students and the rink loses income...

So I recently decided, I will bring in Riedell skates for anyone who needs them!


Carolly perfect said...

I like this iour blog verry mutch.
I from Brazil.
entre in my blog please.

ATU said...

Where do you order the riedell ?
Online order ? Which website ?
I am also asked to wait by the pro-shop owner. I cannot wait too long any more.

Chow said...

I can bring in Riedell, direct from the manufacturer. Drop me a mail (or leave a comment with your email).

ChrisTinae said...

Hi, I'm a Singaporean skater. Just wondering, are you still bringing in new skates even though you're pregnant? A few friends need new skates and as you know, the pro shop is closed.