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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ice dancer in drink-driving accident

Monday's news on Sofia News Agency site:
Bulgaria's World Skating Champ Staviiski Kills 1 in Drunk-Driving Crash

This happened barely two weeks after Japan's Nobunari Oda was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. What is most ironic is that Maxim and his partner Albena are faces in the anti-drink-driving campaign "If you're drunk get off the car - I want to get there alive".

BUT apparently Staviski might not even be brought to court... another article, Bulgaria's World Skating Champ Still Not Arrested for Causing Deadly Crash mentions that "Drivers in Bulgaria only face legal prosecution for drunk driving when the two alcohol tests showed more 1.20 permilles of blood alcohol or more."
The two tests are the breath test and the blood test, and Staviski tested 1.1 permilles.

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