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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Skating while pregnant

Last night, I finished up my last lesson (coaching). When I got to the rink, one of the skaters' mother asked, "you are not going to skate, are you?"

Is skating dangerous when pregnant?
The greatest danger is the risk of falling. Figure skating certainly isn't something one would start to learn while pregnant, but I have had enough experience on the ice to be able to control and not present a danger to myself. In fact, I have felt entirely comfortable on the ice so far - those blades are really quite stable! ;-) However, what others do is beyond my control, and that's what everyone at the rink fears...

Will the pregnancy affect one's skating ability?
I was told that one's CG would change during pregnancy. I was told that one might feel a little off-center. I was told that one would tend to be a little less balanced... a little clumsy. Well, I am now fast approaching the 3rd trimester, and up 'til last week, have been getting on the ice regularly, about 2 to 3 times a week, to coach. I haven't felt any change to my balance - perhaps it will come later, or perhaps I'm just lucky! In any case, being on skates hasn't been difficult as I had thought.

What's the most difficult thing about skating while pregnant?
Getting my boots on! I can't really bend over forwards, and I can't see the hooks - I just hook the laces over whichever hook I can feel next, and hope its the right one!

What can I do at this stage?
Certainly all jumps are out. My upright spins and backspins are still ok. Basic turns and some footwork are fine. I was a bit tentative on a spiral, but it wasn't too bad.

Meanwhile, I suppose I will still skate on-and-off while I can. As another skater told me, "you will know when you have to stop". And so far, I do know that I won't even attempt jumps (though I still land double toes in my dreams).


mrsredboots said...

Can you still cut your toenails? I remember that being a problem.....

Chow said...

That's a good question! The last time I cut my toenails was before I got this big, and it wasn't much of a problem. Will have to try again soon :-)

Anonymous said...

lucky you..
i think skating isn't that bad when your pregnant as long as you're professional or if you're good in balancing..just remember, know your limits and be careful..
btw, there are many stops in Singapore where you can buy fashionable maternity wear...