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Monday, February 04, 2008

ChowSkates - an online store for ice skaters

Over the weekend, I launched my online store

I will be so bold to say this is the first online store in Singapore for skaters! Right now most of the products are Riedell skates, but I will have other apparel and accessories up too.


mrsredboots said...

Sounds like a great idea!

When is the baby due - it's any minute now, isn't it? You will let us know, WON'T YOU?!

Chow said...

Yes baby is due anytime now... I will be certain to let you know, Mrs Redboots! ;-)

angie said...

hi! just a question, is it good for a beginner to buy new skates just to practice on? or should i just rent skates to practice? (im really interested in learning skating but i can't afford lessons, but the skates you're selling is something i can save up for monthly..)

and good luck with the baby!

Chow said...

thanks, angie! :)

as a beginner, you can certainly stick to rentals for a while, but there are definitely advantages to buying your own skates. your skates should give your feet and ankles sufficient support, but also be flexible enough to be comfortable. this may not be the case with many rental skates.

but honestly, you should also save up for a set of lessons. i'd be happy to teach you - when i get back to coaching after baby, that is ;)

angie said...

thank you so much for your kind offer! i just wonder whether im too old to start skating because i'll be 20 this year, but thank you for offering to teach, i guess i'll start saving harder from now on. thanks for the skates advice too!

and hope all's going fine!

Chow said...

angie, it is never too old to start!! actually I started when I turned 19 ;-)