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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Olympic size ice rink for Singapore!

The future for figure skating in Singapore is looking brighter... Today the Straits Times reported that CapitaMall Trust plans to build an olympic-size skating rink by 2009, as part of major ugrading of Jurong Entertainment Center.

This is certainly good news in a time when the sport is starting to gain momentum, with local skaters moving up to higher competitive levels. Indeed, this year's Nationals, held just last weekend, saw keen competition in the Novice & Junior levels for the first time! (I will write about the competition later, when I have more time to ponder about it. Meanwhile, I can only say I was experiencing "withdrawal symptoms" watching the competition while I cannot compete!)

With an olympic size rink, the Singapore Ice Skating Association will be able to join the International Skating Union and we can officially represent Singapore in ISU competitions!

News reports:
  - CapitaMall Trust to build Olympic-sized skating rink - from ChannelNewsAsia
  - S'pore to have first Olympic-sized ice skating rink - from AsiaOne News
  - S'pore to have first Olympic-sized ice skating rink - from Straits Times Online


Rob said...

That's great Chow. Will you be able to use it?

Chow said...

rob! i certainly will be able to use it... maybe an adult competition here? ;-)

Rob said...

That would be fun. Just not too close to the Mountain Cup or Oberstdorff.

ATU said...

Greate, good news for singapore figure skaters...
I tried to come back at that time to feel it.