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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SISA Policies 2009

Announcement on SISA Policies for next year has been made available. Get it from Tropical Blades website. Here is the email from SISA secretary:
Dear SISA members,

Attached please find SISA policies relating to national and development team selection, etc. Please note that there will be 2 parts of this email sent separately as the attachments have exceeded the limits of the server.

There will be an open forum at the food court of Kallang Leisure Park from 10.10am to 11am following the SISA Test on Wednesday 31st December 2008, if you would like clarification of any of the policies. The Singapore National Figure Skating Championships Announcement will be released as soon as possible.

Please note that we are still working on some of the documentation referred to in the attachment such as the SISA Anti-Doping Policy and the SISA Rule Book, as well as the SISA website. Once the new website is up and running all documentation will be available on the website. Note, that all documents now have a policy number for ease of reference.

Please also note that the documents referred to in the list relating to Adult Skaters are awaiting approval from SSC and will be released once approval has been given.


Alison Chan
Secretary General
Singapore Ice Skating Association

Just a note, I have no knowledge that SISA was in the process of producing documents relating to Adult Skaters, much less the content of such documents...

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