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Monday, July 06, 2009

Back pain management

Some years ago, I was dealing with lower back pain, and an X-ray showed that I had an "old fracture" in the spine. However that did not stop me from skating, and the problem seems to be under control right now. Today, I came across an article that bed rest is no longer the best option for back pain...

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons for consulting a physician. Despite little supporting scientific evidence, bed rest was considered the primary treatment for low back pain from the late 19th century. What has changed now is how back pain is understood and managed.
Given the extensive research done in recent years on back pain and rest, there is rising evidence to point towards avoidance of bed rest for the management of back pain. Advice on early, progressive activity, with no more than 2 days of bed rest, will serve as the current approach to the management of back pain.

~ Extracted from Bed Rest No Longer the Best Option for Back Pain by Cindy Tan


_chamois_ said...

No, bed rest and sitting long is no good I feel walking a lot is better.
How about do some isostatic exercises to strengthen the back muscles so that they give better support to your spinal structure ?
I am not sure if this is sound advice, but for all my back injuries from sports I always consult TCM orthopaedic physicians for therapy, they use some fire and acupuncture and some tiring acupressure workout.
You can look for the chiropractors for therapy prescription also, the charges are more expensive, they are mostly private practise in boutique cliniques.

Chye Tuan said...

Hi, thank you for reading this article on MCR. May be the best thing for you now is strengthening of the core muscles and stretching exercises.