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Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Zealand Adult Figure Skating Competition

New Zealand Masters Games are held every year and every second year in Dunedin. The Games include numerous sports and fun events and attract over 8000 athletes. It is loads of fun as the adults take over the University Campus and behave like students dancing the nights away.

To more serious things, when they are held in Dunedin, Ice Skating is included, and this year is the tenth such event. The Announcement has the details about the skating events, PPC and Entry are obvious. The NZMG need the Ice Figure Skating Voucher and the Registration on reg3 and 4, reg5 is info only.

Everyone is welcome, think quickly as you need to register before Nov 30 to get the lowest rates. Double level registrations:
Firstly with the Masters Games who require overall registration and Sports Voucher
Secondly with the Dunedin Ice Skating Club

The ice surface is Olympic 30 x 60 metres and 4 adjacent Curling sheets that will be in full use during the competition.

Download Announcement, Information and Entry Forms

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