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Monday, September 13, 2010

Announcement - 2011 ISU International Adult Competition

The 2011 ISU International Adult Figure Skating Competition will be held from June 8 - 11, in Oberstdorf, Germany.

This time, there are several significant changes. Below are some which the organising committee has called to attention:

  • The dance events will be Pattern Dance, Short Dance and Free Dance
  • A Bronze Free Dance has been added
  • In the Freestyle events, there is now an option between a choreo-step sequence and a choreo-spiral sequence. Only a base value for the element will be awarded (no levels) by the technical panel. The judges will award GOE.
  • In the Freestyle events, a half-loop in combination with any other listed jump will result in a jump combination.
  • Important changes have been made in the Adult Pairs event. Please read carefully.
  • Important changes have been made in the Synchronized Skating event. We hope to encourage more teams to participate.
  • Participants are not obliged to enter in the same category as they have in previous years. We are aware of problems with aging and with injuries. But please be honest about your skill level. We want this to be a fair and wonderful competition. Do not sign up for a lower category in which you really do not belong.
  • An entry in an artistic category may be different from the entry in a category of any other discipline. For example, a skater may enter the Gold Freestyle event, and the Silver Artistic event; or the Gold Dance event and the Silver Artistic event.

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