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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Patrick Chan willing to represent Singapore

The Chinese language newspaper, 联合早报, blared out the news with headlines "世界滑冰冠军 陈伟群 愿代表新加坡参赛" -- translated to, "World figure skating champion Patrick Chan is willing to represent Singapore in competition".

On vacation in Singapore, Patrick Chan was interviewed by a reporter from 联合早报 during which he indicated that he might retire after the 2014 Olympics, and after that would be willing to Singapore in downhill skiing or tennis, or golf.

As for his figure skating goals, he will be back to training after this vacation, to defend his world title. In the longer term, he is aiming for Gold at the 2014 Olympics. If he wins the 2014 Olympics, he would retire from skating. Of course getting the Gold is the aim, but medals are not everything. What is really important is the process of your performance, and whether you are able to perform to the level that you want to achieve.

Lastly, he also revealed that, after retirement, if invited, he would be very happy to come to coach in Singapore. He said, "of course, I would be very interested to come here to set up a skating programme, teach the kids who love to skate, and let them understand the beauty of figure skating."

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