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Sunday, August 12, 2012

News for Official Opening of The Rink @ JCube

The Rink held its official opening on Sunday 12 Aug 2012. It was graced by Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

As the first sports facility developed under the Community/Sports Facilities Scheme, The Rink operates as a community rink accessible to all members of the public. Moreover, it also offers the SkateStar program, an affordable learn-to-skate program that has had overwhelming response.

A national Learn-to-Skate programme has been rolled out at The Rink since May 2012 to equip participants, from young children to seniors, with foundational skills in ice skating through a progressive five-week course.
Close to 500 have registered for the programme.
~ quoted from AsiaOne

Having been involved in the SkateStar program ~ first helping to develop the curriculum, and now coaching the classes, it is heartening to see how participants of all ages are able to pick up basic skating skills and skate safely. It is even more encouraging to see that many of them have also developed an interest in the sport and aim to progress to higher level skills!

A friend of mine said, "Hopefully figure skating will really take off as a sport. No reason why Singaporeans cannot excel in this sport!" I agree wholeheartedly, for figure skating and also for speed skating and hockey. For the sake of the sport, all stakeholders (The Rink, SSC, skaters, parents, coaches and officials) must work together to develop our athletes and provide support for them to excel.

News stories:
"Ice Rink at JCube aims to encourage recreational ice skating" - from AsiaOne
"Over 80,000 visited new ice rink at JCube since April" - from Channel News Asia

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