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Friday, February 08, 2013

Learn to Skate with Singapore's Ice Princess

The February issue of "The Play Times" (an online publication by the Singapore Sports Council) features an article titled "Learn to Skate with Singapore's Ice Princess".

Two videos show the basics of skating, as well as some simple figure skating moves. Here is the first video, "Ice Skating Basics with Lea Ong":

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Cute, but in her demonstrations, she also displays an example of what NOT to do - toe pushing. For those of you who don't know what "toe pushing" is, just take note of how she pushes off with her toe when she starts to move for the two foot glide, swizzles and snowplow stop. Pushes on stroking must be from the side of the blade, not the toe.

That said, her skating in the second video, "Figure Skating for Beginners" (below) is just fine. So, my point is, always skate properly whether you are doing "basic" or "advanced" elements.

Original Article: Learn to Skate with Singapore's Ice Princess
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