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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Competition Program vs Elements

Competition is next week!! Am I prepared? *sigh*

My previous coach used to have me work on my program at least 3 times at each skating session. She would have me do it twice in lesson, and then tell me I have to do it at least once more before I go off.


For the last few weeks, my coach has been extremely focused on the elements. Double Loop, Double Toe, Double Sal, Axel... Fair enough, it is necessary. Yes, I would need to get my elements consistent for competition. So, I have not done my program in lesson for the last 2 months - until this week when my coach decided that my program will happen in the last 5 minutes of my lesson... it didn't! I was too tired (or lazy) by then, and flopped everything.

I think my previous coach's philosophy is better. I miss her!

Before, I used to stand, at the start of my program in competition, and think, I'll just do it as I did in lesson. No worries. And I would know that everything would happen just as it always does... even though I may not land that double loop.

Now, as I want for the music during lesson, I start to wonder how I'm going to put all those elements together. I have lost the confidence in actually completing a program; the ability to work in all the connecting moves. Sure, today I was landing my double loops on one foot (finally!)... but in the program? FLOP!

What's the big *@#$%^&* deal about being able to land that double loop, or double toe or double sal or axel... when in the program they just flop???

*sigh* Am I prepared? Competition is next week!!

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