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Monday, May 08, 2006

And so it happens...

Yes, it is happening... I am slowly giving up dance.

Why? Several reasons...

Firstly, there is no Solo Dance event at Oberstdorf. This prompted me to start concentrating on freestyle, though I wasn't giving up dance yet.

Then why?

My coach doesn't like to coach dance. Rather, he thinks there's no point dancing without a partner.

Why? Search me!

Anyway, in my desperate attempt to cling on to the thread I have been clinging on to for so many years, I signed up for solo dance at Mountain Cup anyway.

Then... ?

At the start of my lesson last week, I said wanted to dance. To my horror, my coach said, "You have to jump today." Eventually we came to a compromise - work on the dances and then leave a few minutes for that *@^#%!&* double loop.

This week, I asked his opinion on my stopping dance. He said, "Good!"

I get no more dance lessons. I am going to compete pre-Gold Solo Dance at Mountain Cup, having done the dances a grand total of TWO times in the past 2 years!

I am toying with the idea of withdrawing... *sob*

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