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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Amanda & Darryll featured on Skate Today

On Skate Today, Barry Mittan featured an article
Sibling Pair Represents Taipei

It is about Amanda and Darryll, who started skating when they were living in Singapore years ago. They are now in California, and are progressing very well. It is awesome to read about them, and I am proud of how far they have come.

But... what does that say about skating in Singapore? Do skaters have to go overseas in order to achieve their potential?? Sadly, there are currently various limitations and difficulty to building up the sport here, but I hope that will change soon!


princessjiaying said...

Ms chow!!! this is Lee Jia Ying.. your old student.. heh.. remember me? haha.

Michelle said...

You have a cool blog, (no pun intended.) I used to be a competitive figure skater, (cough cough) years ago. I loved it so much. It's great your pair team is training with Peter and Randy. They are awesome skaters. I trained in the same rink with Peter and Jill Watson when they trained for the Olympics.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Figure skating is my FAVORITE sport to watch during the winter. I looove when it comes on TV!!! Scott Hamilton and Michelle Kwan have been my favorite for years, also Kurt Browning.

The smoothness and gracefulness can't be beat. There's nothing like listening to the skate blade skimming the ice.

Congrats on becoming a blog of note!!


Chow said...

Hi Jia Ying, yep, I remember you! Hope you and your sister are doing well! :-)

Vinc said...

Hello, I am of passage on your site and I benefit from it to greet you! Good continuation! Vinc


Cool man.Skating is a very nice sport especially when there is a good training ground.The most common place we go to for training is Switzerland.I doubt what other members think about Swiss or training in Swiss.Been skating from when i was 8yrs and still doing it now.That is my sports

Alcatsar said...


Sorry but you'll probably hate me for admitting that I didn't read a single entry on your blog.

The blog title caught my eye and here I am. To make a long story short I'm interested in taking up inline skating. I doubt that figures into the whole "Figure Skating in Singapore" title but I'm curious if you might know where I can take up classes?