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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poll #1: Where is Singapore

I was trying out the new poll feature in Blogger, and, just for kicks, decided to put up the poll: "Where is Singapore".

The results:
A total of 336 visitors voted, and
  177 (52%) selected "Just North of the equator"
  77 (22%) selected "In Southern China"
  51 (15%) selected "To the East of Japan"
  31 (9%) selected "In the West Indies"

Singapore is a tropical island, just north of the equator. In fact, we are just about 1 degree 22 minutes North of the equator. Of course its hot, and no, there's no such thing as natural snow or ice...

Many other facts about Singapore can be found in The World Factbook.

Thus, in a tropical climate with no "winter" season to speak of, it is not surprising that winter sports is not exactly flourishing here! The best home-grown winter sports we have are ice sports - figure skating and hockey. However, but facilities are limited - maintaining a rink is an energy- and investment- demanding venture.

As with young skaters all over the world, our young skaters dream of great achievements, including going to the Olympics. However, we are still struggling with funding and recognition issues. If you are interested in supporting figure skating, helping the sport, or even in taking up the sport, feel free to drop me an email!


Anonymous said...

Yes it is a top place to visit or live.

Jake said...

Singapore's a great place. I was fortunate enough to visit last fall and the city of Singapore was fascinating to me. Except for the 19 hour direct flights to and from Newark, New Jersey, I have nothing but fond memories of the place...the old buildings mixed with the new architecture, the Pan Pacific Hotel, Raffles, etc.

Who would've known that people figure skate in Singapore!?

shanpanda said...

Singapre sounds like it is a great place to go. but i can not go

the girl who never stays. said...

I quite like Singapore myself.

pokkirisathish said...

hai everybody..

CaLipH said...

Singapore is not a country.. just an island a developed island..