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Friday, May 30, 2008

Inter-school competition starts tomorrow!

This weekend will be the inter-school competition. This is an ISI-based competition initiated by Fuji Ice Palace. It is a brilliant idea that has created more awareness and interest in the sport.

In previous years, I have generally not been around for this competition - guess what? Yes, it clashes with my annual "pilgramage" to Mountain Cup, Tallinn and Oberstdorf. Sadly for me I'm not going this year; happily for the rink, I am around to judge!

So, I get the judging schedule, and had to kill some brain cells to figure out how to manage that, with baby and without my DH around.

The final decision was:
Saturday: My mom would come to care for baby during my first judging session, then we will bring baby to my parents' place in the afternoon, and we will stay overnight there (and I would have to make another trip to the rink from there).
Sunday: We would bring baby home in the morning, before I go for my first judging session (hopefully she won't be crying too much in the car, and I won't end up late!) My mom would stay at my place the entire day to care for baby. I'm lucky to have such a great mom!

My DH is still wondering what I get out of this... this time, I can't even argue that it is because I have students competing!

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