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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wet rink

Afternoon ice is... WET!!!

I wonder what causes this fear of falling and getting wet. It is irrational. It is unfounded. It is a self-fufilling prophecy. Of course I wasn't going to fall. Of course I was going to land the Axel on my feet, not my butt...

Still, I spent a good half hour going round and round, doing backspins and Waltz jumps, all the while marvelling at how "deep" the water was! I swear there was one part where it was almost 1/4 inch!

When I finally made myself believe that I can jump and land in a dry patch, I landed two Axels - the only two that I attempted, the rest being relegated to Waltz jumps or nothing at all. (shh, don't tell me that the dry patch really is so small I wouldn't have been dry had I fallen!).

I later tried a sit spin combination - without the backsit... somehow the backsit just doesn't work now. I must be pushing too far to the right when I change foot since I get way on the outside edge. Here's what it used to look like, 10 months ago!

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