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Friday, July 18, 2008

Fuji Ice Palace closing in October

It is now official. Fuji Ice Palace will cease operation at its present location on 16 Oct 2008. This is already announced on the Fuji Ice Palace website.

What are the plans?
The management is still interested to continue the business. However, they have not yet found a suitable site. It seems like, if a site is found and can be occupied immediately, it would not take them too long to lay the ice and resume operations.

Most of the current coaches will be applying to coach at Kallang (myself included). Now, that is another issue, as it appears that Kallang may not be willing to take in all coaches! Wonder why, as more coaches = more students = more business (at least for this interim period).

In 2009, there is another rink planned at the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort. However, having searched the website, there is no mention of skating...

1 comment:

Mrs Redboots said...

Oh Chow, that is a bummer! I do hope you get taken on at Kallang.

Loved the video of you jumping with your daughter, by the way, can't wait to meet her!