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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kilian - dancing again after two years

I am so excited!! I went skating last Thursday, and one of the coaches had just finished a lesson and was free.

So I (jokingly) asked, "would you like to dance?"

To my surprise (and excitement), he said, "Sure! Which dance do you want to do?".

We decided on the Kilian - one of the few we can actually fit into this rink. This was the first time I danced partnered in two years! Initially, I wanted to skate to the 14-step music, since it was slower, but we couldn't find that, so we had to put on the actual Kilian music.

It was lots of fun... However, we were both totally tired out after 4 patterns - he not having skated for years and me not having skated for months. I suggested perhaps we try another dance next time. I hope there will be a next time!

1 comment:

Mrs Redboots said...

Nothing like going in at the deep end with your dances, is there!