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Sunday, March 01, 2009

101 Challenges - Blades of Thunder

Two brothers, Lee & Lindsay, decided to take up challenges from the global public for 12 months on their tour of Asia starting Dec 2007. In each country they visited they try to complete the challenges set by the public, complete strangers from foreign lands, and were only limited by the boundaries of the challenger's imagination.

Where they went, what they did and everything else was decided via their website at Blades Of Thunder is #6 listed in their challenges page. The challenge read:
Fuji Ice Palace in Singapore offers ice-skating lessons to Torvill and Dean wannabe's. We will take one day of lessons each and then perform the Bolero in diva style costumes!

Anyway, they ended up doing this at Sunway Pyramid in Kuala Lumpur instead, and here are the videos (in two parts):

It is impressive that they can put this together in 10 days, starting from zilch!

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