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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Flashy page gone wrong!

This is what the SISA website looks like on one of the browsers I use (click to see larger image):

Flash has given designers the ability to include superior animation in a website. It has become such a fad that it seems almost all websites will use flash to some extent - and you won't even notice it until you're hit with blank screens or annoying messages constantly asking you to download the plugin.

Just get that *&%* plugin, you say? Well, I do have the plugin at home, but as Inbaraj Suppiah noted in his blog post "Bad website design - Flash",
most government agencies and large corporations lock their computers and only system administrators are allowed to install/uninstall programs.

While I'm on the topic of broken websites...

I was trying to get information from the Ice House website, but guess what? It doesn't work on browsers other then IE! Unless they have fixed it now, the sub-menus which were supposed to appear when you hover over the left menu don't appear!

There is, of course, my long-standing gripe about how many Singapore government websites tend to be IE-centric. I try to submit a passport application online, and after uploading my photo, nothing happens. Try again, nothing happens. Wait (maybe it takes longer to upload), so wait for another half hour, nothing happens. I finally decide to use IE to do it, hey it works! That was maddening!

And just an afternote... are there really web designers who would put a site live when it still has titles like "Welcome or Title" and content that says "content goes here, and here and here and here!"? (see larger version of image above)

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