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Friday, January 04, 2013

Six weeks... for a second time

My second little one is now six weeks old. Déjà vu? I seem to have said something similar over 4 years ago: Six Weeks...

On New Year's day, I went skating for the first time this year (duh!). Ok, I mean I skated for real for the first time since April last year. I had gone back on the ice last week, but didn't do much beyond skate round the rink and play with my first little one. Yes, my boots fit, I can skate and will start coaching again this weekend.

So, as with usual training sessions, I started off with stroking, turns, etc. I had gotten my blades sharpened a few weeks ago, so for some reason my right blade felt too sharp while my left blade felt like it was slipping. Wonder if there's something wrong with my left foot, for I seem to frequently have problems with my left blade, though I almost always get used to it.

Moved on to backspins, and though they were mostly ok, my weight seemed to always be too far to the right. Gotta fix that! The picture on the right is the tracing of one of the backspins, can see how scratchy (and travelling) it is! Forward spins, sit spins were ok, though I had trouble getting up from the sit position on one foot...

When I got to jumping, started with a waltz jump - oh how small that was, and the landing was a bit shaky (again, leaning too far to the right). The next few got slightly better. Salchow, toe loop and loop were again "small". *sigh* why can't I lift properly on the take-off? That was when I suddenly realized that I still have about 6kg of baby weight to lose! ACK!

Well, this is going to take some time to get back to "normal". Just gotta work at it! AS for coaching, I will be back to coaching SkateStar this weekend... see y'all on the ice! :-)

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