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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back On Ice ~ Practice 25 Feb

My practice session on 25 Feb 2013

Still working on getting back into skating. This was quite a "spins day" because I woke up with a sore back. Felt better after stretching, but didn't feel like taking the impact of jumps.


ajalways said...


Was wondering if you do private coaching for adult from basics?

Chow said...

The Rink at JCube offers group lessons for beginners, and I am coaching there. Adults are welcome, and there are quite a few adult groups. You can call them to ask for more information.

Hilda Ananthan said...

Hi Chow,

I was checking out Figure ice skating in Singapore..I am 33 now..I used to figure skate when I was 11-16 years old..(first43 years in HK, then a short stint at old Fuji Jurong)- back then, my level was around a half sit spin (I couldn't fully sit), and then I stopped.

I decided to pick up skating again now..I went to Jcube to sign up for classes today...and the person assessed me recommended me to core blade 2..I am just wondering, based on your experience, is it normal? (because as much as I couldn't do a good snowplow, or stationary two foot turn - there are many other things I could still do ) I mean as much I as I don't think I fit in to core blade 2, I want to know whether it is a really good place to start for someone who want to 'restart' again?

To be honest, as much I did sign up, and going to start class next Sat, I am a little disappointed at the fact that I need to start all over again..
Thought of writing to hear from another coach, and you are a lady who is around my age...thought u can probably empathize better about the mentality of an adult learner..