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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Coaching Schedules

New year, new schedule.

Okay, maybe not so new - the regular Saturday and Sunday times are the same, but I have decided to coach on 2 evenings a week... at least until the Nationals. However, my schedule is still FULL!!!

Right now, I would be hard pressed to find any more time for new students. I took one girl for an introductory lesson on New Year's Day Holiday. She showed a great affinity for the sport - I think she will progress very fast and I would have loved to see how far I can go with her... but I don't have any more time in my schedule!

For a while, I have been wondering if, due to my limited coaching schedule, I have the capacity to handle students who are really competitive. After all, these kids would need more than one lesson a week, and with sufficient rest in between. Plus, for competition, they would need music, choreography for programs, etc.

However, I have now come to the conclusion that my time doesn't limit the quality of my students but rather the quantity. In fact, even if I do decide to coach "full time", what's to say I won't end up with the same problem of finding multiple lesson times for students? It'd just be that I have more students to find time for!

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