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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Trying to figure out the ISU New Judging System

Now that Mountain Cup is going to use the Code of Points (CoP), ISU's new judging system, I have been trying to figure out how it works.

FIrst of all, the jumps. That seems straightforward enough - each jump is allocated a certain base mark, and judges will grade the quality of the jump. Now, if there is a combination or sequence... Eeks, things get hairy! Apparently, doing a sequence of say Lutz-loop-toe loop is going to get higher base points than a double jump. However, (at least in the senior competitions) I read that skaters are only allowed one 3-jump combination. So, skaters, choose wisely!!

Next, spins. I get the feeling any kind of spin I can do (without falling over on my butt, face or head) will only be a "Level 1". To get a higher level, exotic variations will be needed. Today, L told me that starting a spin with a backspin (e.g. back camel or back sit) would get higher points. Suddenly I realise why Mao Asada enters all her spins from a back camel!

Last, but not least, footwork and spiral sequences. For footwork sequences, the difficulty levels seem to be defined based on how many types of turns or running steps included. Somewhere, a variation in speed is also mentioned. Wonder if I should modify my footwork sequence somewhat!! Spiral sequences also seem impossible to score on unless one can do change-of-edge spirals or are super-flexible! How do the men do this??

As I read on, I think I will have to sit down, list out all the element I am putting into my program and work on optimising them... Maybe working on an Axel-loop-double toe might help... Maybe working on camel spins in opposite directions may help...

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