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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Treading a fine line

Singapore has such a small skating community, and only one rink, but the politics and tension that exist within this community is remarkable. Every so often, some issue would arise between parents, skaters, coaches, and even the management.

Management? The rink is a commercially-managed business, and it is perfectly understandable that profit-margin drives their policies. However, the Association is currently an entirely volunteer organisation, and is driven by other goals - to promote the sport of figure skating and to cultivate elite skaters who can eventually compete for the country. While these goals are not necessarily conflicting, the interaction invariably encounters periods of tension.

With everyone insecure and looking out for their backs, a little innocent comment can lead to exaggarated outcome. Inappropriate use of words can be blown into a full-scale "war". To say anything at all about skating in Singapore is treading a fine line. I will have to be diplomatic!

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