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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time Management

Sometimes I wonder how I manage to juggle my time between my husband, work, coaching and skating. Sometimes I wonder if others wonder that about me. Even more wondrous is during these past 2 weeks' when the Olympics were going on - between spending time with my husband, at work, coaching, preparing for the Nationals competition, AND trying to catch the Olympics coverage! (Meanwhile, I will use that as an excuse for not having posted anything in the last 2 weeks! Hey, I have to give up something, right?)

Of course, having a lovely husband who is infinitely supportive helps. He actually taped the live coverage (which, in Singapore, starts at 2am!) so that when I get up at 6am I can spend some time watching it before I go off to the rink.

Also helpful is having a boss who is totally understanding and accommodating in allowing me to work flexible hours... That means I skate early mornings, get to work and make up for time missed in the evenings that week.

Skating in the early morning is preferable for me. I enjoy clean ice, a relatively quiet rink and ability to concentrate on what I'm supposed to do without distraction. That makes for efficient practise - a one-hour session is quite sufficient.

Of course I would always try to find time with my husband. Making breakfast on days when I am not skating in the early morning, making dinner on evenings when I'm not working late or coaching, spending time together on weekends after coaching... I'm lucky he's understanding. I'm lucky he loves me. And I love him too!

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