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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Direction of circular footwork sequence

Is there a benefit in doing a circular footwork sequence in the "other direction"?
Some definitions of what I mean:
"benefit" = something that increases the program's score
"other direction" = direction opposite to the usual direction of rotation

I posed the question on one of the mailing lists I read.
->   does it contribute to the difficulty level of the sequence?
->   does it contribute to the "skating skills" component, since "multi-directional skating" is listed under it? (refer to ISU summary)

IMHO, the difficulty level ought to depend on the actual steps and turns performed within the footwork sequence, rather than the general bearing of the sequence. Also, I don't see how doing a footwork sequence the "other way" can substantiate "multi-directional skating" if it is not already demonstrated in other parts of the program.

So far, I have not found, or known anyone to have found, any regulation pertaining to this issue. A judge I asked about this said,
now, even if the sequence goes in the counterclockwise direction, they must incorporate turns in the clockwise direction to get the higher levels. i have not found anything that says a skater can "up the level" by doing the circular sequence in the opposite direction.

Any clarification or confirmation would be of interest.

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