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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Spin entry

When I teach spins, I used to always have the skaters keep L arm in front and R arm & leg back during the LFO edge entry to the spin, then bringing the R side around all at the same time when initiating the spin. [for CCW rotation]

Of course I was horrified to see on video that I don't actually do that.

During the seminar last week, MP suggested a radical change - keep the right arm and shoulder pressing forward and around on the LFO edge. Throughout this edge, the R leg is still kept back, creating a twist in the body. This twist is released upon initiating the spin, as the R leg is brought to the front and the R arm pulled back, making the spin go faster.

Ok, since I never actually did what I preached, I found that this radical change wasn't quite so radical for me... until I tried the spins in the opposite direction!

Now I'm trying the opposite camel-upright. It works occasionally...

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