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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Missing Items

I lost my mobile phone at the rink (or on the way out the rink to my car) on Monday. I was halfway to work, couldn't find my phone and turned back to the rink to search for it. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found.

I suspended the SIM card, and had a new card delivered to me that evening. I didn't think too much more about it, as the phone is already almost 3 years old, and was starting to have problems with its screen display.

Today, I was told that another lady had her purse stolen at the rink! This also happened on Monday, in the morning (this lady was putting on her boots when I left the rink). Good for her she did not have much in it - just one credit card, $10, lipstick and a brush.

We are all used to locking up our valuables, keeping just a few bare necessities with us just in case. However, those of us who skate early (before public session) tend to leave our bags on the benches around the rink, somewhat carelessly. There had never been a problem, since there usually aren't too many people around, and those who are there are skaters or parents whom we all are familiar with.

The fact that two items were lost on the same morning is rather shocking to me. I had assumed that my lost phone had probably dropped on my way from the rink to the car. Now, perhaps it happened differently...

A friend of mine asked, could it be the janitor?

Much as I don't like to think that way, he is indeed the one difference - he started work just a few weeks ago. I wonder if the rink is going to investigate.

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