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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Figure Skating Grand Prix Final 2007

I spent several hours over the weekend watching the Grand Prix Final. The ladies were really great to watch, but somewhat disappointing, as none of them had that "perfect skate".

Kim Yu-Na never ceases amazes me. Her jumps look so effortless - even those that she fell on! Her flying camel - layover is still the best. And her programs this season have awesome choreography. My only pet peeve about her is that she never seems to lift her free leg on landing of jumps or exit of spins.

Something admirable I noticed this time is also how Yu-Na continues with a captivating skate of her program, even after setbacks early on. So unlike Kimmie Meissner's long program where she looked like she's given up halfway in the program.

So, I won't let on about the results. Here are playlists of the ladies' long and short programs, thanks to various contributors on YouTube!

Ladies Long Program

Ladies Short Program

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