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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What is Our National Treasure?

Our very own figure skaters!

Figure skating in Singapore is a young sport, and has come a long way. We have athletes who have persevered even with inadequate facilities and support. We have talented young skaters who are capable of so much more - given the opportunity. Figure skating has so much potential; it just needs to be recognised!

Indeed, with the Team Singapore Sports Idol contest now in its final round, we have four female skaters up in the top 50. This is the most number of female athletes in a single sport!

Support our skaters: Alexandria Wong, Anja Chong, Sarah Paw and Sarah Rodgers. Put in your vote for them! You also stand to win fabulous prizes, including the GRAND DRAW - a travel package for 2 to the Beijing 2008 Olympics Games. The more you vote, the greater your chances to win! This round of voting will last until 21 Dec.

[This post was triggered by a question to promote the movie National Treasure 2.]

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