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Monday, April 28, 2008

The Axel is back...

Skated again today, and again was determined that I would work on the Axel.

When I started with jumps, I did tons of Waltz jumps and semi-attempts at the Axel, i.e. I wanted to attempt the Axel but changed my mind when stepping into the entry. The first real attempt (finally!) was rotated, landed, but collapsed on the butt. My knee just wasn't ready for the landing! The second attempt was landed, on a very low knee and boy, it was all I could do to pull out of it. Popped quite a few after that before finally getting a few more landed.

Another thing I was determined to do today, was to get up from the sit spin. And I did! Just attempted one, though...

Regrettably, my camel spin has disappeared. Come to think of it, I haven't actually worked on the forward camel for eons - I didnt' have that in my last program! The silver lining is that I did a semi-decent back camel today. Just one - the rest just didn't have the right balance.

Anyway, the L4 spiral sequence and the layback variation that I concocted at the beginning of my pregnancy still work! *YIPPEE*

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