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Friday, August 22, 2008

Michelle Kwan considers Vancouver!

Michelle Kwan was interviewed on Today show on 20 Aug 2008 at Beijing. She left open the possibility of going for another Olympics in Vancouver 2010, having been inspired by what she saw at the Beijing Games.

The video is available on the MSNBC site. However, I can never view MSNBC videos from Singapore, so I had to look harder before I managed to see the interview.

Susan did up a nice transcript of the interview on her Lifeskate site.

While I think it is admirable that Michelle Kwan still has the fire in her to go for the gold, I see a great challenge for her in the new judging system, on top of tough competition from the younger skaters! I loathe to see her disappointed once again...


angie said...

hi chow!

well im not exactly learning skating, but i just joined ntu's ice-skating club for a start! haha i may actually pop by the rink more often now that i can go in for a discounted price..whether i ever take my hands off the side-rail is another matter, haha.

thanks for remembering me! if i ever see you at the rink i'll say hi:) that's if i can ever catch up with you, haha.

Gossipgerl said...

it would be wonderful to see her competing again!
if she does decide to compete, she'd give it her 1000%, new judging system and younger skaters or not.
hopefully she'll skate and win like she was 19 again :)
haha very hopeful here

Anonymous said...

Hello there..I am a fan of Michelle Kwan and the sport,generally. I am happy to know that Singapore has its own talent in this sport like yourself. I have been wanting to take up skating lessons,hopefully I would be able to do so end of this year.I will save up so that I would be able to get you as my coach?:p I can skate,but watching figure skating videos has made me yearn to do more than just the ordinary. I hope being 21 isn't too late to learn to do spins and jumps? :)