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Monday, September 01, 2008

2009 ISU International Adult Competition - dates and location

Today, I received an email from Rhea Schwartz on the pre-announcement for the ISU Adult competition for next year:

Just want to let you all know that the 2009 ISU International Adult Competition will be held in Oberstdorf, Germany, May 28, 29, 30, 2009. The "draw party" will be held Wednesday night, May 27. Depending upon the number of entries, the competition may extend to Sunday, May 31.

The announcement will be prepared this fall. Some minor changes will me made to the program requirements for both free skating and dance so please read it carefully when it is published.

Dont forget that all skaters have the opportunity to skate an "artistic" program as well as in another discipline. Please carefully read the requirements for artistic programs as they are marked only on the program components and the emphasis is on interpretation of the music.

Spread the word about how much fun this competition is. The more the merrier; the more new friends we will make.

Starting the count-down to Oberstdorf!

Indeed, this competition, while competitive, is fun, and a wonderful chance to meet old friends, and make new ones. I want to go again, especially since I'd missed it this year!

Next year will be the first time Singapore will be represented at this competition, after gaining provisional membership to the ISU in March this year. It would be great if we can get a team to go!

[Update - another competition, the Mountain Cup, will be held in Villard-de-Lans, France, from Thursday 4-Sunday 7 June, preceded by a 3-day training camp from Monday 1 June.]


Mrs Redboots said...

I haven't had that e-mail yet! Ah well, I dare say it will come.

I don't know whether we will go - if we can, we'd like to come and watch, but we shall see. Definitely doing the Mountain Cup, though - presumably Barbara will be able to finalise the dates very soon.

Hope to see you at one or both of those places!

Mal said...

WOW! I'd love to be a part of that team. but do i have to be 28? Anyway, working hard to get back to skating ASAP :)

Chow said...

mala, well... you do have to be 28 to compete at the ISU comp, but you can be any age to spectate ;-)
Then, there's Mountain Cup, which you can compete in before 28.
In any case, do come back to skating again!!

poshiceayu said...

i want to compete !! but sadly i can't coz Malaysia is not ISU yet sob sob.. and i'm not 28 yet in 3 yrs time perhaps.. hehe then hopefully in 3 yrs time too we will have ISU..
or i could marry a Romanian guy and ... too late by then.. :)
good luck if ur going ;) update me.. maybe i come support if zoyli doesnt come down to KL in May