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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Vote for Figure Skating!!

What event are you looking forward to in Vancouver in 2010?

This is a poll on NBC Olympics Vancouver 2010 page. I'm not sure if the poll is going to be open for long, so... quickly go put in your vote!

NBC also ran an article, "Ones to watch", which puts Mao Asada as the leading figure skater to watch. Indeed, she had missed the previous Olympics by being a few months too young and is now hard at work... with seemingly effortless triple Axels. Here's a video of an interview and her practise:

In my opinion, Mao is not the only one to watch. She has keen competition from Korean Kim Yuna, and of course we cannot discount Miki Ando, who was the first female skater to land a quadruple jump (salchow) in competition. Last but not least, with Michelle Kwan considering a return, the ladies' event is going to be one not to be missed!

So, of course figure skating is the event I am looking forward to in Vancouver, especially the ladies event!

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