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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back to a small rink

The past 3 weeks skating in a full-size rink was awesome. Now I'm back at Fuji, and all seems to be less exciting.

Most obvious of all is the size. I definitely like skating in a larger rink. It makes me skate faster, push harder, extend more..

Also, the ice is different. At Tallinn, the ice was lovely and soft. In Villard and O'dorf it was harder, but it was fast and not brittle. And somehow it made me feel like I can actually jump. Back at Fuji yesterday morning, the ice was *very hard* and I couldn't help feeling like I was going to skid off my edges!

However, training at Fuji must have done something for me... Everything just seems easier when migrated to a larger rink. Don't know why - go figure!


kai er said...

hey dajie good to see you did well at the competitions! i am coming back mid july and want to work on jumps! *excited*

Chow said...

kai er, cool! can't wait to see you again! I love your bright pink hair!