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Friday, June 16, 2006

Hiking in Villard - La Buffe

On Thursday, I changed all my practise ice times to the morning, as a group of us wanted to go hiking - despite the warning of a "chance of rain". Our plan was to start from near Tunnel du Mortier, and hike up to La Buffe. As we drove up towards the ski slopes of La Sure, it started to pour!

We must have been extremely fortunate, as when we arrived at Le Tunnel du Mortier, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. Here's a picture of the tunnel, taken by Allen. And no, you can't tell that it just rained!

The hike up to La Buffe was tough! We took a steep (very direct!) path up the mountains, before hiking along the edge of the cliff. The entire way up, I began to realise how much all those Axels and double Sals I did in practise ice have tired out my muscles!

Surprisingly enough, the weather held up... until we got to the top. Dark mist came rolling in, and we were engulfed in what probably was a rain cloud! Luckily for us, the cloud stayed just 15 minutes. When cleared up again, we went down the mountain by another route - a gentler, curvier way.

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