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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My stay at Villard-de-Lans (2006)

I arrived at Villard-de-Lans on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day - the sun was out, and the rink was to warm! It was a pity I didn't have much time to enjoy it, as I went immediately to the rink for practise ice!

What? What about jet lag? Haha, that's ok, there was something else to tire me out - the altitude! It was quite an exhausting session, but I somehow managed to get through my program - mostly. Someone was in my way so I had the perfect excuse to abort my final jump!

The clouds rolled in the next day. Here's a picture of the reflection of the view out of the balcony door of our apartment (it really isn't meant to be all that confusing):

Nevertheless, we decided to go hiking in the afternoon. See blog entry Hiking in Villard - La Buffe.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were competition days. Both my events were on Saturday, so I spent Friday cheering on my friends at the rink, while at the same time getting terribly nervous. More about the competition in blog entry Mountain Cup 2006.

I was supposed to leave for Tallin on Monday morning. The flight from Lyon was at an ungodly hour of 6:30am, which meant that I had leave for Lyon on Sunday and stay the night there. However, I found that there was interest in hiking on Sunday afternoon, and Century was organising a party on Sunday evening... I decided to change my flight to Tuesday!

Sunday was a blast as the pressure of competition was behind us. The hike was long, but beautiful! The party was fun. Overall, I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would!

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