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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About coaches, old and new

After going for a 3-month vacation back in China, my coach has finally come back... And guess what - he's brought another coach back with him.

No, not a lady - no romance here. I had a brief conversation with him, and found out that he skated singles before switching to ice dance. Now, that would bring the count to 3 male Chinese ice dancers at the rink, none of whom will partner me!! Uh, well, now that I'm not skating, I can't really complain about that, can I?

But well, it does seem like the rink is going to great lengths to expand its coaching staff. I had a chance to chat a bit with the lady coach who came in just a few weeks ago - the same one who asked me if I had an English name. Turns out she is a speed skater, and somehow the rink management expects her to teach figure skating... or perhaps they assumed she could at least handle the beginners. She is now trying to learn the basic turns!


`arianne said...

Hi, I'm thinking about learning figure skating in the future, but I'm unsure about how to get lessons. Who do I approach at the rink? And how do I choose a coach? And do I need to buy boots? Would be grateful for any help/advice.

jy (

Alaine said...

oooh... hire me! j/k (or not..) there is a tentative date in '09 where i will return to singapore and live for a bit. not sure, depends on whether i want to go grad school or not.