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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Swan Lake on Ice Opens in Singapore

12 September 2007 - Opening night of Swan Lake On Ice in Singapore

The Imperial Ice Stars put up an impressive performance on the opening night, albeit with a couple of falls and missed elements. The choreography was well thought out and implemented. The props, effects and costumes are fabulous. The skating was good, and there was even dancers in ballet shoes! I was a little surprised at how small the cast was - just 24 skaters meant there must have been such a frenzy backstage changing costumes, and even skates/ballet shoes!

What was really cool, though, was the synchro performance by the swans - it was impressive. I was also intrigued by the "stilt skaters". Not high stilts, with blades that were an additional one foot tall. I am still wondering what it would be like to skate like that - I think I would fall over!

The level of skating was pretty good, and there were nice technical elements included - both singles and pairs. They were all very comfortable with lifts, and even with a man lifting more than one lady! It seems that all them cast can do an Axel, some even the double Axel... However, at some point in time, I started to wonder if the Axel was the only jump they could do!!

Overall, this show is a must-watch. I found it much more interesting than the shows by Disney and Holiday On Ice. Then again, this is coming from an adult who finds the Disney shows way too childish!


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tan said...

I saw "Swan Lake on Ice" recently in Finland. If comparing with Disney on ice, it is like a lovely duckling grow into a beautiful, elegant swan!

Skating is very good, and they put a lot of theatrical elements in it which made the show more sophisticated.

The leading characters are well skated and amongst all, I like the friend of the Prince, skated by Andrei penkine, he is so charmingly fun!