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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Annoyances of the hair

For ladies with long hair... Your know hair is too long when...
  - you have trouble hooking your bra because your hair is in the way
  - you find yourself eating your ponytail in a sit spin
  - your ponytail whips over your eyes when doing double loops
  - your hair gets in your face when doing a twizzle

I've been meaning to cut my hair since... goodness, I can't even say when! It must have been before Nationals (March) but I didn't cut it because I wanted it long enough to put in a bun. Then I didn't after Nationals because I was going to the Vana Tallinn Trophy and the ISU competition in May, and I still needed it long enough to put in a bun!

After returning from Europe, I was often tired most of the first trimester, and so was really lazy to get out there to cut my hair... but now, nearing the 4th month, I'm full of energy again. I made it a point to go get my hair cut after work today!

So, how many ladies walk in and say to the hairdresser "I want to trim 3 inches"? I suppose 3 inches isn't just a trim, but I really meant I want it the same style, just 3 inches shorter. I later had to make him cut it shorter yet!

PS: Sorry, my skating blog has been sort of taken over by life in general... but
Confession time:
I sneaked in a 30-minute skating session during lunchtime today! Well partly because sometime last week I suddenly had the urge to skate, and partly because a friend sent me a message to say it was quiet at the rink. Of course it wasn't exactly quiet by the time I got there, but I did manage to get in a bunch of cross rolls and twizzles, and also worked on the kilian choctaw sequence, and a part of the Argentine Tango. I tried spirals, which I could still do, but ouch, those butt muscles haven't been worked in a month!


Amanda said...

Well, it was a couple of years ago I walked into a hairdresser and said "Please can you take 14 inches off . . . ". It was down to my bum though :D

My hair now is just coming up to waist length and I am about to get it cut to shoulder length. Mostly cos my hair is so thick that if I put it in a bun, it would be MASSIVE!

Isabelle said...

I still haven't got my hair cut yet, but I tried trimming it myself... I think thats fun hehe.