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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Skaters' babies

I recently read that Scott Hamilton and wife are expecting baby No.2 in People. Earlier this year, there were reports of Slutskaya returning to Russia because of pregnancy in the International Herald tribune. And also of Pelletier and Sale expecting a child on Slam!Sports.

Just like a friend said, when you're pregnant, you suddenly notice everyone around you who are also pregnant!

I heard that the feet will swell during pregnancy. My previous coach said her feet simply grew a size larger - she had to get new skates! I was browsing some websites, and came across Jo Ann Schneider Farris' article in Figure Skating is Possible in Hockey Skates!, where she said that
hockey skates are so comfortable. When I was pregnant, my feet swelled up. My feet didn't fit in my figure skates, but I skated on hockey skates until the day my baby was born!

Uhh, I certainly don't see myself in hockey skates - the last time I had on hockey skates, I fell 3 times in 5 minutes! I'll be sticking to figure skates - and then dry land if and when my feet outgrow my skates...

So... no prizes for guessing why I am no longer skating now. It is a very exciting time, and while I thought I'd be in skating withdrawal, it isn't as bad as I imagined. I suppose I don't really miss not having to wake up at 6am to skate! Of course there is the occasional urge to jump/spin, and those dreams of skating, but so far its been manageable. Well, I am still coaching, though I've told the rink I will not take any more new beginners - not that they have giving me many to begin with!


RTS said...

Congratulations Chow Ying! How far along in your pregnancy are you? It is wonderful news for you and your Husband, and great that Singapore has a new figure skater "in the making" lol.
Best wishes for an easy pregnancy and birth, when are you due? And I hope you keep your blog readers informed along the way!

Keng-hui said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. This is so exciting! How many months have you been pregnant? On the skating forums, people have been discussing how long one can skate with pregnancy. I hope you have smooth pregnancy and birth. Looking forward to more news from you.


ATU said...

Thanks for bringing in the Riedell skates to me. It's wonderful !
I think a new singapore figure champion will be born. Enjoy the happiness to be the champion mom !

Chow said...

Hey thanks, all of you! The baby is due Feb 2008, and yes, it is very exciting... :-)

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SaraSkates said...

Congratulations! Have a happy and healthy pregnancy - and don't stay off the ice totally just yet - your body will tell you when and how to taper back :)