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Monday, April 14, 2008

Doubles will take a while...

Back on the ice for the third time today. First good thing was that my boots didn't feel so tight. Makes me think perhaps I should start breaking in my new boots!

Even though I can skate, there's still something not quite right about my CG and the feel of my balance. Summoned up the courage for a sit apin and... it was easy - until I had to get up. Though the jelly-like feeling in my legs is gone, I still don't have the strength to get up! One of the ladies suggested that it must be the baby weight I gained (no, of course I haven't lost it all yet!)

The most hilarious was the Lutz attempt. I did do all other singles the previous sessions, but not the Lutz (nor the Axel). Today, I decided to try - and the first one happened to be right in front of my coach. I didn't even take off!! He (and I) had a good laugh.

Later, I tried the double Salchow. I find it amusing how I would rather try the double Sal than the Axel. After a couple of falls, I did one under-rotated double Sal, stayed upright but... still leaning too much to the right - something that happened the first day back on ice too. I suppose it will take quite a while to get the double back. At least I need to get back the feel of the rotation first!

Thought about the Axel, but dismissed the idea.

1 comment:

Mal said...

hi choW! so happy to hear that you and ilika (right?) are doing well. it must feel super to get back on the ice again. I'm still contemplating it. hope to see you soon!